Facebook Symbols

Facebook Symbols

Doubleclick character and press Ctrl+C Open your Facebook and press Ctrl+V at your status line
© ®
¥ £ ƒ $ « » * § & ß
µ å ø π ı % æ Æ œ ¿
ƸӜƷ εїз ▄▀
❝❞ Σ ϟ

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Flip - Texto de Cabezas!
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Some facebook symbols may not appear (showing up as squares, or ?) if the user doesn't have all the fonts required installed.

(some texts are only visibles in modern brownsers like Google Chrome o Firefox)
All this symbols also works in Twitter, msn, yahoo chat, etc.
To use, you must select with your mouse, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) these symbols in your status messages, comments, wall post, etc.

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